Why M&M wern't so smart

What happened to thinking things through before you went and built something?

Michelson & Morley Experiment failure. Not the null result, the whole idea is crap.

The experiment uses an interferometer.The split light was directed in two paths at right angles.

The idea was that as the earth and this interferometer was moving through the Ether, then the light beam from one arm, should return to the eyepiece at a different time to the light from the other arm. Causing the famous interference pattern, supposedly due to the wave lengths being out of sync.

The M&M experiment is foundational to Relativity, without it, Einstein falls flat on his face.

However, there is a critical flaw in the reasoning of M&M and any other modern Physics Professor who refers to this experiment in support of Relativity and the consistency of the speed of light.

The problem is that the light had to travel from the source, through the splitter, then out along each arm, to return mirrors, then back to the splitter mirror where it was combined and redirected to the observation lens.

So how is this a critical problem for the whole experiment? Such a big problem that the experiment must be dumped in the trash bin?

Well if you consider that the speed difference between the two arms was the key to the experiment, and you ASSUME that the light must take a bit longer to go “against” the flow of the Ether ( the earth is moving at 30kps in relation to the Ether according to their theory) so…..Lets pretend that the light DID slow down due to fact that it was going upstream in the ether flow.

So in relation to the other arm, which is at right angles to the flow direction, and experiences no such slowing, we get the discrepancy we wanted. Right?

Remember we are assuming the existence of the ether, and that light speed is effected by moving through it, as M&M believed.

Now, here is the flaw in their experiment.

So the light goes out on one arm, against the flow of the ether, and it slows down, say by 5 units.Then what do you imagine will happen when the light RETURNS back in the direction where it came from? Simple, the light is now going WITH THE FLOW of the ether. So now it SPEEDS UP BY 5 Units.

TOTAL difference of time for the two way trip of the light with and against the flow? ZERO.

It’s ZERO. There is no measurable difference from this arm to the other arm

They can’t measure any difference EVEN IF THERE WAS AN ETHER with the equipment set up this way.

So with Ether or without Ether, this equipment can never reveal if light goes faster one way or the other, in one reference frame or another reference frame.

Any interference pattern they detect is not going to be due to speed differences but something else.

But modern Physicists are claiming that although the M&M was a failure to detect any Ether, it DOES PROVE that the speed of light is constant in any and all frames of reference.

As we have seen, the equipment as used by M&M is incapable of detecting anything related to the speed of light. So it is also IMPOSSIBLE that it could prove that light is constant across any and all reference frames as well.

The hypothesis that light travels at the same speed in any reference frame is NOT proven in any way by the M&M experiment.

No other experiment has attempted to prove it as well. It remains therefore an untested hypothesis, and a weak one at that, as better explanations for observations are available using “classic physics”.

Relativity based on the constancy of light is a myth. And it also remains an irrational concept, not worthy of serious experiments.


Mark Ross
Tasmania  Australia


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